At Hanging Around we frame:

photos/prints/original watercolours,acrylics and oils/stretch canvases*/football and rugby shirts/graduation photos/medals and coins/certificates/maps/posters

and all sorts of  other items

Please bring them in and we can show you what we can do  and give you an accurate quotation.

We often just cut mounts for people to fit items that they have into their own frames or  into ready-made's. If this is the case please bring in the item and, if applicable, the frame too and let us do all the measuring.  We will then give it back to you in kit form for DIY assembly or can quote for doing this for you.

Select from a wide range of colours and finishes of mount board or ,if you select our stock colours  (cream, white, black  & light green ) or off cuts , it can be as much as half the price of ordering in a specific colour.

Some people know exactly what type of framing they require when this is so we will endeavour to comply to your design brief but others may find the vast choice of creative options daunting. DON’T PANIC . Tim  and Sarah are hear to help guide you through the maze of choices of colour and style  with friendly ideas and advice and to pick framing that will compliment your home or  situation.

It is not only what a picture is but where it is going to be put that is important in framing design.  It is often very helpful to have a description or, better stil,l see a snap of the location where it will be hung  (even on a mobile phone or you can email it to us  as an attachment  to hangingaroundgallery@hotmail.co.uk before you come in ).

We offer a wide range of ready made standard size frames that can often be a low cost alternative to  custom made . Some of these we make ourselves including  a versatile  thin solid oak frame that can be left natural or stained and beeswaxed in many different ways for a soft contemporary look.

* canvas stretching

We do re stretch canvases but the correct procedure for  presenting  work on canvas is to stretch the canvas first then paint it then possibly frame it.

Unfortunately all too often people have bought artwork from all over the world and the seller has taken or cut the canvas off from its original stretcher or sometimes the work has been painted on a canvas just pinned out  this is the wrong way to do it but it happens a lot because people have to get the work home on aircrafts and the sellers know this.

When the work is re stretched a minimum of 5 to 6 cm  spare canvas is required all round this is needed to grip on to and stretch the canvas around the custom built stretchers if this area contains image you will loose it

Furthermore cracking and flaking of  paint  or tearing is also possible as we can not rule this out our customers must understand this and take the risk themselves or we will be unable to proceed with the work.

For this reason we will have to inspect and advise on an individual case by case basis.

Picture Framing