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My Work


My pictures are intended to brighten up the mood by evoking a sense of something enjoyable or a feeling of a place or a time. I create images that connect with the onlooker in a very positive way through the use of evocative subject matter and strong or soft pastel colour, a kind of fine art therapy to constantly work when hung in homes and offices.

My pictures are sometimes super real with colours slightly stronger than they really are and unsightly items such as satellite dishes and electricity pylons and phone wires edited out in digital post production. Others are dreamy pastel colours  sometimes I even use  my camera deliberately technically the wrong way but with purpose to create a pre determined effect.

I print my own work so I have ultimate creative control .I use soft cotton rag paper, preferring this than regular glossy photo paper as it gives an almost watercolour effect to my photography.

The type of printing I use is known as giclee and it is now more widely known than it used to be when I first started using it, the 8 colour ink set is noted for its light fast qualities and is now used on most fine art prints.

Tim  Dell