Hanging Around was established in April 1989 by owner Tim Dell who  has had a passion for fine art photography from an early age . He was was formerly a  professional photographer working in the commercial and advertising fields. When his mentor photographer David Todd  owner of the studio in which he worked decided to emigrate to Australia Tim found himself at a bit of a loose end and decided that a slight change of direction was called for. Initially the idea of Hanging Around was for a shop to sell a range of things that could be hung like mobiles, masks, wind chimes as well as pictures. However, the business soon gained its own momentum and became a gallery for  pictures, framing and cards. Tim  researched the correct tools and equipment  for picture framing and attended  professional courses and seminars then started working as a picture framer, initially from his attic. Eventually he found a small shop in Chase Side, Enfield and although it was a bit too small for his liking it was in just  the right location. This lack of space led to the distinctive hanging style of grouping lots of art work together in a tight pattern. He soon became interested in conservation framing and became a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild.

Over the years he has framed many exotic and precious things including original paintings  and drawings by L S Lowry, Degas , Sir Joshua Renolds and Picasso.  In Autumn 2002 the business became known as Hanging Around Gallery. Its aim is to promote emerging image makers via the actual Gallery and the virtual Internet site hangingaroundgallery.com, and to sell affordable original art  and limited edition giclee prints as well as providing a high quality and creative picture framing service to its clients.

In autumn 2003 things took on an entirely new twist  due to the convergence of new giclee fine art  printing and digital image making technology that prompted  an unexpected re awakening of Tim’s creative skills , he began to produce his own  fine art photography and offer it for sale at his gallery . His new work was an immediate hit with the public and this encouraged him to  go on to do increasingly more

The gallery now exhibits Tim’s images for sale and also  original work by a small  group of  artistic friends  who have  been associated with Hanging Around Gallery over the years .

Using  techniques initially developed to produce his own work  he is able to  produce high quality reproductions of the groups originals.

A range of greeting cards by Tim and his friends is also now available.

In spring 2008 Tim photographed some classic views  in and around his local town of Enfield these were then enhanced and edited  using a digital pen and graphics tablet , removing unsightly things such as satellite dishes ,alarm boxes,TV Ariel's, cars,litter,cracked pavements , yellow lines , and people. These images give a super real effect (not so much as how things are more like how we remember them). He has made them available as  unlimited unsigned prints to keep the retail cost down and make them more accessible to local people.

In the early summer of 2008  he revisited Tuscany  to photograph the landscape and architecture and is currently working on a body of images from this shoot.

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